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Saturday, April 18, 2009


This yummy recipe was given to me years ago by one of my college roommates, Becky (mi estrella favorita!). This one is a fun one to make with the kids and they love it! There is lots of room for improvisation on this can use your family's favorite pizza toppings in it!

1 loaf Rhode's frozen bread dough (thaw, but do not allow to rise)
1/2 tsp. yellow mustard
1 tsp. miracle whip
Parsley, oregano, and basil to taste
1 bottle of your favorite pizza or spaghetti sauce, warmed
Your favorite pizza toppings, such as: sliced pepperoni, cubed ham, shredded mozzarella cheese, shredded cheddar cheese

Roll the pizza dough out into an OVAL shape (not round like a pizza). Leaving two inches or so all the way around the edges of the dough clean, spread the mayo and mustard on the dough. Season with parsley, oregano, and basil. Then pile on the pizza toppings however you like.

Bring up the sides of the dough to meet edges and pinch closed to seal (all toppings should be completely enclosed inside). Place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for about 15-25 minutes.

After baking, you can drizzle your favorite pizza or spaghetti sauce over the top or slice the stromboli up and dip it into sauce. YUM!

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