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Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Bin Re-do

Years ago I went to Deseret Industries (Utah's version of Goodwill) and got a brown bin-like cupboard to keep our dog food in.  It wasn't particularly cute, but it was functional.  We poured our dog's food into it from the bag and then served them their food out of it daily.  I have been getting more and more interested in DIY furniture has been a really fun creative outlet.  A couple of months ago I decided that it was time to do something with that ugly bin.  Here's what it looked like "before"...

For the base color I used Krylon's Gumdrop spray paint.  Spray painting is soooooo fun!!!!!!

Here is the "after" shot.  I got the little fabric flowers at Michael's Crafts and I love them!!! I moved it to my two year old's room and it is now a home to some of her stuffed animals :)

PS...Since this picture my two year old ripped the flowers off and colored orange on the bin drawer.  Guess I get to DIY it some more!!!


  1. ah, kids. Critics! She didn't feel the flowers were quite right, and it needed orange. Budding designer!
    Leeanna at not afraid of color
    thanks for visiting my blog D-