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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Birthday Cake Season

I like to make fun birthday cakes for my family, but have no formal training at all...unless you count my ex-husband's mother doing my first cake with me 15 years ago.  I guess that SHOULD count because she is amazingly talented far beyond anything I could do.  Anyway, August to January we have LOTS of birthdays around here.  Here are a couple of other cakes I did that I forgot to post.  Those of you that know my husband know that he LOVES to here's what he got for his birthday last month...

Katelyn turned 16 back in November and had a 50's themed murder mystery party (very fun, by the way).  It was about a 50's rock star, so of course there needed to be an electric guitar cake : )

I am thinking I will try a Valentine's cake next...Dave has a cousin that has a cake decorating business here in town and she offered to teach me some tricks : )

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